About Us


Our work is also our passion

Our goal is simple: create manageable, virtual community playgrounds rooted in video gaming in the metaverse. In the past, the metaverse has been sold as an expansive area of play. We are concerned about virtualizing the brick-and-mortar of it one playground at a time. To that end, The Yard is creating small grassroots leagues that can organically grow to a national and international presence. While The Yard is a new, community-centric platform that provides new and pre-established communities and players with all the tools they need for self-determined play and interaction in the metaverse, our company has leveraged the acquisition of existing companies that currently support community-sanctioned play, peer-to-peer play and wagering, ping equalization for level competition, educational tools, e-commerce solutions, media creation, distribution tools that encompass 230K+ Twitch users, thousands of hours of player-focused video content, a presence on major media platforms, and millions of users worldwide.

Our Focus

The Yard was founded by media, video game, and telecommunications industry veterans. As opposed to an expansive and nebulous vision, the founders believe that the metaverse needs small manageable yards in order to facilitate play. We call it The Yard because it is a virtual defined space where users can meet the Yard GG.

Quality is not an act, it’s a habit

Our mission is to easily and seamlessly create manageable community play spaces in the metaverse that not only provide the tools, but the foundation that stimulates commerce and community interactions, allows e-commerce and content creation to blossom, and integrates with traditional world needs and opportunities so that the overall addressable market grows organically.