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Teamwork ,innovative and diligence

We understand that by failing you build the foundations of your future success. For us the biggest asset is being empathetic to the needs of our client base and responding to these needs.


Meet Our Team

Bill Dever

Chief Strategy Officer

Derek Pew

Chairman & CEO

Brian Sewell

Tournament Lead

Martin Olsen

Gaming Lead

Dane Bowling

Lead Video Producer

Sam Dever

Collegiate Coordinator


Teamwork ,innovative and diligence

We understand that by failing you build the foundations of your future success. For us the biggest asset is being empathetic to the needs of our client base and responding to these needs.

Gerek Pew



You have questions, We have answers.
REASON 1 – To the best of our knowledge, The Yard’s metaverse playgrounds are unique, combining community-sanctioned play, peer-to-peer play and wagering, and latency standardization for remote play, with a tapestry of technologies that includes video production, educational tools, team and fan gear distribution, as well as in the future, management of all-layer data and digital assets.
REASON 2 – According to recent reports, the number of video gamers worldwide is expected to reach 2.78B by 2024* and over a period of less than ten years, the online viewing of video games is expected to expand from 2.4 billion in 2022 to 3.2 billion in 2027.* Within this growing marketplace, The Yard provides a grassroots go-to portal where video gamers can build relationships, create community, and ignite global commerce in the process. Then, once the video gaming foundation has been established,  we can invite other concentric communities to participate.
REASON 3 – The Yard is a new enterprise, but in its formation has acquired two established companies that provide us with over 2.5M active customer emails, as well as a large social media following, presence on streaming services, and game consoles, as well as professional partnerships with a number of elite eSports and athletic organizations. Through the American Youth Cooperative for Esports, we have access to a further 2 million video gamers as well as existing projects with collegiate and high school leagues.
Our goal is simple: create manageable, virtual community playgrounds rooted in video gaming in the metaverse.  In the past, the metaverse has been sold as an expansive area of play. We are concerned about virtualizing the brick-and-mortar of it one playground at a time. To that end, The Yard is creating small grassroots leagues that can organically grow to a national and international presence. While The Yard is a new, community-centric platform that provides new and pre-established communities and players with all the tools they need for self-determined play and interaction in the metaverse, our company has leveraged the acquisition of existing companies that currently support community-sanctioned play, peer-to-peer play and wagering, ping equalization for level competition, educational tools, e-commerce solutions, media creation, distribution tools that encompass 230K+ Twitch users, thousands of hours of player-focused video content, a presence on major media platforms, and millions of users worldwide.
The Yard was founded by media, video game, and telecommunications industry veterans. As opposed to an expansive and nebulous vision, the founders believe that the metaverse needs small manageable yards in order to facilitate play. We call it The Yard because it is a virtual defined space where users can meet up with their friends, play any game they want to play, learn and advance, or just have fun and hang out. Under one login, Yard users are given consolidated access to a wealth of options for interactive and standardized gameplay, as well as an easy way to manage gamer data, digital assets, and engage in other web-based commerce.

I imagine a set of tools that enable communities and video gamers to build their own spaces within the Metaverse. The Yard creates a platform for effective community use within the metaverse. For high schools, it provides a community that instills STEM study. For colleges, it provides a community that addresses new social interactions and ignites interest in the digital world, which leads to career paths and vocational success. Within industry, it enables workforce development as in the example of SIM racing. For municipalities, it allows an on-ramp to community development opportunities. It also allows established recreation businesses to widen their reach into a new virtual form of play.

As a company, we are committed to creating a place that new and pre-existing communities and players can call their own, and a point of connection for the explosive video gaming industry. As we help you build your yard for the metaverse, our goal is to provide the tools needed to enhance work, play, learning, socialization, dreaming, and reality. By bringing together virtual play, building upon traditional sport, and the opportunity to integrate digital rewards, The Yard believes we are developing an innovative new platform and an in-demand, highly valued arena and we want our investors to have a part in shaping the vision. Join us by supporting The Yard on StartEngine.