Creating Playgrounds
In The Metaverse

Welcome to The Yard GG. Our company provides existing communities with the tools and platforms to create manageable, virtual community playgrounds

Our Goals

“The metaverse is not virtual. That’s the false narrative I am trying to correct. The metaverse is, if anything, phygital. Customers increasingly jump between physical and digital realms in the journey to making a purchase. Until we overcome this binary mental scheme, we’ll never grasp the essence of the metaverse.”

The Yard was founded by media, video game, and telecommunications industry veterans. We believe that the metaverse needs small manageable yards in order to facilitate play. The Yard is a virtual defined space where users can meet up with their friends, play any game they want to play, learn and advance, or just have fun and hang out..

Teamwork Begins By Building Trust And Promoting Innovation

As a company, we are committed to creating a place that new and pre-existing communities and players can call their own, and a point of connection for the explosive video gaming industry. Our goal is to provide the tools needed to enhance work, play, learning, socialization, dreaming, and reality.

We pride ourselves on having a highly empathetic team draw from many discipline and experiences.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on having a highly empathetic team draw from many discipline and experiences.

Gyo Score

An esports SAAS enabled play platform, specifically built for sanctioned play in a collegiate or school environment.


A cutting popular entertainment streaming service.


A latency levelling, designed to produced play result in an even and equal environment.

UMG Gaming

A peer to peer gaming platform that allows players to legally places wagers against each in a game of skill environment

Our Own Virtual Mall

A place where player can create team clothing, design their own swag and the fly their colors.

Here is what we offer

We have a myriad of offering within our corporate.

Live Streaming

Play Platforms

Fan Gear


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